Precision in Testing: Marjan Package 4 Offshore Platform’s Success with Konnect3D

In the meticulous stages of testing, the Marjan Package 4 Offshore Platform has seamlessly integrated Konnect3D’s Digital Twin Platform, ensuring a streamlined approach to system checks, document access, and collaborative tasks during the crucial preparation for pre-commissioning.


The Challenge:

During its testing phase, Marjan Package 4 required a robust platform that could facilitate line checks and hydrotests efficiently while providing seamless access to P&ID documents with full traceability of fabrication and installation processes.

The Solution: Konnect3D’s Digital Twin Platform

Systems Check Focus: Konnect3D provided a focused environment for conducting thorough systems checks, ensuring that every component was tested and validated efficiently during the testing phase.

Document P&ID Access: The platform offered immediate access to P&ID documents with full traceability, allowing for a transparent view of the fabrication and installation history of each component.

Advanced Features: With features like Filters, Take Off Manager, and Work Package, Konnect3D streamlined the planning and execution of tasks. The collaboration tool further enhanced the process by allowing for easy markups and task assignments.

The Outcome:

Efficient Testing Phase: Konnect3D’s platform facilitated a smooth testing phase for Marjan Package 4, with efficient line checks and hydrotests conducted.

Transparent Documentation: Access to P&ID documents with full traceability ensured that the team had all the necessary information at their fingertips, leading to informed decision-making.

Collaborative Success: The collaboration tool provided by Konnect3D allowed for efficient task assignments and markups, fostering a collaborative environment that was pivotal for the success of the testing phase.


Marjan Package 4 Offshore Platform’s experience with Konnect3D underscores the platform’s efficacy and precision during critical project phases. With features designed for efficiency and collaboration, Konnect3D has proven to be an indispensable ally for success.
Experience precision and efficiency in every project phase with Konnect3D. Explore our platform and discover how our advanced features can facilitate your project’s success from testing to commissioning.
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