Crafting Excellence: FPSO Yellow Tail One Guyana’s Fabrication Triumph with Konnect3D

In the meticulous early fabrication phase, FPSO Yellow Tail One Guyana has effectively utilized Konnect3D’s Digital Twin Platform. This partnership has ensured a streamlined approach to material allocation and construction sequencing, laying a solid foundation for the ongoing project.


The Challenge:

During the early fabrication phase, FPSO Yellow Tail One Guyana required precise coordination between design, procurement, and construction activities.
The goal was to fabricate the correct piping spools in alignment with the construction sequence, necessitating a platform that could seamlessly integrate these processes.

The Solution: Konnect3D’s Digital Twin Platform

Design and Procurement Correlation: Konnect3D facilitated the correlation between designs issued for construction and procurement delivery. This feature ensured accurate material allocation, allowing the team to fabricate the right piping spools efficiently.

Construction Sequence Optimization: The platform provided tools to meticulously plan and execute the construction sequence, ensuring that each fabricated component was ready for assembly at the right time.

Advanced Features: With features like Workpackage, Workfront Analyser, and Filters, Konnect3D provided a comprehensive solution for planning and analysis. The collaboration tool further enhanced communication and task assignment among team members.

The Outcome:

Streamlined Fabrication Phase: Konnect3D’s platform supported a seamless early fabrication phase for FPSO Yellow Tail One Guyana, with efficient material allocation and construction sequencing.

Enhanced Communication: The collaboration tool fostered a communicative environment, ensuring that all team members were aligned and tasks were efficiently assigned and completed.

Informed Decision-Making: Access to advanced analysis tools provided the team with valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making during the fabrication process.


FPSO Yellow Tail One Guyana’s successful early fabrication phase with Konnect3D highlights the platform’s value in integrating and streamlining complex processes. With features designed for efficiency and collaboration, Konnect3D is an invaluable partner for projects from inception to completion.
Embark on a journey of streamlined project phases with Konnect3D. Explore our platform and discover how our advanced features can facilitate your project’s success from fabrication to operation.
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